About ourselves

The PONS steel and welding technique ltd. Co KG is a medium size company with long experience in the installation and welding of steel.  All the different areas and ways in which PONS works have one origin:  

Our location

Our company is located in Berlin-Weißensee and uses a production area of 3000sq.meters.

Our goal

Our goal is to have an innovative cooperation of all the staff in order to reach the company’s targets.  We strive to satisfy our customers as best as possible.  Therefore, our goal is to achieve a high quality, meet the dead line and find optimal solutions.  Providing professional service is most central to our customer relations.

Our team

In order to put your wishes into reality the company works with motivated and experienced staff in all areas striving to bring the given work successfully to an end.

Our technology

We use the latest equipment for our production to reach the highest technical standards of workmanship.  With the most modern CNC-cutting- and burning-technique we guarantee a high standard including the finishing stage. 

The high performance of our machines guarantees the customers that the dead line will be met on time.  As a professional welding firm our company has the possibility to use various welding techniques in order to fuse different, metallic materials.  We use the welding methods MAG, E-Hand, WIG and UP which have been certified in accordance with DIN 18800/part 7 and DS 804. 

Our products

We offer a large variety of ways in how we use and work with different metals starting with a CAD-supported construction, over modern installations that include the process of preservation, to, if the customer requires, a professional montage.  We are able to fulfil our
obligations to the customer in the area of:

-         installation/ machine construction

-         steel work

-         theatre equipment

-         traffic construction

-         Environmental techniques.

-         Architecture construction

-         plants

How to contact us

PONS Stahl- und Schweißtechnologie GmbH & Co. KG

Feldtmannstr. 158
13088 Berlin

Tel.:  030/92 09 09-0

Fax:  030/92 09 09-19


eMail: info@pons-berlin.de  

Member of DVS
Deutscher Verband für
Schweißen und
verwandte Verfahren